12 May 2018



Fong Fong is a curious name widely recognised on the international DJ circuit today.

Adoring fans praise him as one of the most musical, technical, and innovative DJs in the world
and his entertaining viral videos have become legendary, accumulating millions of views from
all corners of the globe.

On paper, his credentials also speak for themselves, having crushed his competition in style
and being crowned both “DMC France Champion” and the coveted “DMC World Online

Respected DJ brands such as Pioneer, Reloop, Rane, and Ortofon, all want to work with him to
showcase and push their DJ products to the next level.

He’s not only known for his world-class DJ techniques. This Parisian-born turntable master
equally brings explosive energy to the dance floor and easily captivates any crowd, driving
parties wild with his eclectic mixes.

Expect one hell of a show!